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Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Sale



John was skeptical about Power Swabs doing much in seven days but the swabs definitely provided whiter teeth


Sarah says other products were messy and made her teeth sensitive but Power Swabs gave her much more control and no pain


Joe says other teeth whitener products felt like a chore but the Power Swabs system is quick and easy


Maggie says Power Swabs teeth whitening made her want to smile more, her friends noticed her whiter teeth, and she felt more confident


Eric says the switch to Power Swabs is like going from black and white to color TV

Doctor Testimonial

"There's no doubt about the fact that people's teeth get cleaner and they get cleaner sometimes immediately like within a day or two. There are no other products on the market that do the same thing. People's teeth get white faster...'

Dr. Ross W. Nash
Cosmetic Dentistry of the Carolinas

Doctor Testimonial

"I found it to be very effective in reducing, or almost eliminating the sensitivity during the bleaching procedures. I don't know of any other products on the market that have the benefits of Power Swabs..."

Dr. Marty Zase
The Colchester Dental Group

M.Z., DMD Colchester, CT"There is no better practice builder than being able to provide patients with faster, better results — and with no discomfort in the process. Power Swabs makes this all possible."

M.S.G., DMD, PhD New York, NY"Power Swabs are one of those products that comes along rarely in one's lifetime of clinical practice. It is simply amazing. It has elevated my ability to deliver effective tooth bleaching procedures... without any patient discomfort and my patients’ teeth become extremely white."

A.G., RDH Miami, FL“I am a dental hygienist and I am amazed when I clean and polish my patients’ teeth. I tend to have many patients with staining problems, which requires major work on my part to remove. However I have found that simply pre-treating the stains with Power Swabs before I begin my scaling, allows me to complete the task of stain removal in under 5 minutes. Thank you for this wonderful new product.”

M.R., Patient La Jolla, CA“I have my teeth bleached two previous times before my dentist started using Power Swabs and I experienced a lot of pain and low results. I have found that when my dentist added your product (Power Swabs) into the whitening treatment, for the first time I experienced absolutely no pain. Amazing! I also noticed that my teeth seem to be more thorough clean and the whitening effect seems to last longer. My teeth are now extremely white and I am soon attending my high school class reunion. I’m looking forward to seeing what my former girlfriend notices.”