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It's Easy to Swab and Go!

It's Easy to Swab
and Go!

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Why Power Swabs Teeth Whitening?

Why Power Swabs
Teeth Whitening?

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With Power Swabs, home teeth whitening kit products, there's no need for strips or trays and you will see whiter teeth after the first five-minute use!

What To Expect When Using Power Swabs® Home Teeth Whitening Kits and Products. Get Visible Results in Less Than 5 Minutes

1st Treatment

Before Teeth Whitening With Powerswabs

See 2 shades of improvement after just 1 treatment!

Dr. Martin Giniger's Power Swabs® teeth whitening kits are an innovative approach to home teeth whitening. The Power Swabs system produces clinically proven, unparalleled results—the whitening swabs will leave your teeth with minimal to no procedural teeth sensitivity and maximum efficiency. One 5-minute application will whiten teeth 2 shades on average. No other product produces results this quickly! And, unlike other teeth whitening systems, Power Swabs® can remove stains from caps, crowns, veneers, and other cosmetic dentistry including dentures and dental implants.


After 7 Days

After Teeth Whitening With Powerswabs

See 6 shades of improvement in 1 week!

After 7 applications of Dr. Giniger's Power Swabs® teeth whitening swabs, consumers can expect a healthier, significantly whiter smile. It’s a professional cleaning and whitening treatment conveniently designed for at-home use and made affordable for the masses. More convenient than regular whitening strips and trays, Power Swabs® are clinically proven to clean teeth as well as whiten—so much so that many users decide to use Power Swabs for teeth whitening instead of spending a great deal of money at a cosmetic dentist. In reviews, customers report that one of the many features they enjoy include the convenience of targeting the teeth most in need of whitening. Oral care add-ons ensure our customers’ teeth stay healthier and whiter even on the go.

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